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C&C Bonusweb - I helped out with this site
SiteAdvisor - a really great tool for all web surfers
Wikipedia - encyclopedia that you can edit
PSP Fanboy -  
DS Fanboy - both are great handheld game console fansites
Google - the ultimate search engine
Roboform - manages and protects your passwords
Web Archive - want to know how some sites looked a few years ago?
Zbozi @ Jyxo - if you want to buy something in the Czechia, here's your tool
Falling Sand Game - a very addictive game made in java
Winamp - the ultimate MP3 player
Pobediteli - interactive map of the WWII Eastern Front
CSFD - movie database, in Czech
IMDb - movie database, in English
Russian Battlefield - military conflicts of Russia 1920-1945
Steam - Valve's content delivery system
Tripwire - developer of Red Orchestra
Red Orchestra - forget about CoD, DoD or MoH, this is the real WWII!
  - "Other games make you feel like you are in a war movie,
     Red Orchestra will make you feel like you are in a war."
Introversion - my favourite indy developer (2gether with Tripwire)
Redboss - developer and seller of mobile games in Czech Republic
Weebl's Stuff - Jonti Picking's website (he's a great Flash artist)
Mozilla - home of Firefox and Thunderbird
Aperture Science - Portal, anyone?
Zuxxez - publisher of Earth 21XX games
Reality Pump - developer of Earth 21XX games
Earth 2150 - home of E2150, TMP and E2150:LS
Earth 2160 - newest addition to the Earth 21XX series
XE.com UCC - Universal Currency Converter - very handy
Absolute Games - one of the best Russian gaming websites
Download.com - CNET's app review & download site
GameSpot -  
GameSpy.com -  
IGN.com - the ultimate gaming site trio
FilePlanet -  
FileFront.com - gaming related files
The ZZone - a Z fansite
Steel Planet - another Z fansite
The Chaos Regime - a fansite of The Bitmap Brothers
Advance Wars - a great TBS game series by Intelligent systems
awRev -  
Advance Wars Bunker -  
Advance Wars Net - 3 major Advance Wars fansites
(X)zone.cz - a Czech gaming shop
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - a computer game inspired by Roadside Picnic
Home of the Underdogs - a great abandonware website
Infinite Dreams -  
Gameloft - great developers of mobile games
DOSBox - a DOS emulator
YouTube - share your videos with others
Third Revolution - a very good and unique mod for Red Alert / Red Alert 2
Third Rev archive - site with old files of the mod
MobilMania.cz - a Czech website about mobile phones
eBay - buy anything you want
MobyGames - a video game database
SovMusic.ru - a database of songs from the USSR era
Mr. Picassohead - want to be a Picasso?
GameTunnel - website dedicated to indie games
The Emulator Zone - Your Source for Emulation!
W3Schools - learn HTML, for free
Frank Klepacki - my favourite musician
Purple Sensi - website dedicated to Sensible Software
ICQ - the ultimate IM program
Mod DB - database of game mods
Black Mesa - a Half-Life 2 mod
replacementdocs - database of game manuals
Modifikace do Half-Life - Czech website about Half-Life 1 mods
Speed Demos Archive - speed runs
Gmail Space - use your Gmail to store files
TinyURL - shorten long URLs
ImageShack - image hosting
anonym.to - anonymize links
Concerned - comic made using GMod
Antimult - Russian Flash animation studio
FILExt - The File Extension Source
RefreshLock - lock your refresh rate
RefreshForce - force your refresh rate
GameTrailers.com - website with game related media
Needasig.com -  
E-Mail Icon Generator -  
Signature Generator - websites with signature and e-mail icon generators
System Requirments Lab - can your computer run that game?
Google Fight - who's better?
Metacritic.com - reviews
Machinima.com - your source for machinima
Movie mistakes - movie goofs
All About Symbian -  
All About N-Gage -  
S60 - 3 sources of Symbian related information
Pocket Gamer - handheld game reviews and news
MyP2P.eu - Free Live Sports broadcasting
iPmart forum -  
nyx - some forums
LiveOnSat.com - know which channel will translate a particular match
Retro Junk - Do you remember...
Ovi - Nokia's Internet services
SportStream.cz - website with sport related videos and live broadcasts
TinEye - reverse image search
Know Your Meme - an internet meme database
Urban Dictionary - dictionary of slang words
Intl. Hockey Forums -  
HFBoards - two ice hockey forums
Military Photos Forum - forum with military-related news
SkyscraperCity - forum about various buildings under construction
WebCite - web page archiver
rusteam.permian.ru -  
www.rufoot.ru - info about the Russia national football team
EuroFotbal - Czech football server
European Cup Football - European team and league coefficients
AirDisaster.Com - a website about aviation accidents and incidents
Alexa - website statistics
MovieStinger - post-credits scene database
Aviation Safety Network - website with a database of aviation safety occurrences
Pastebin.com - text storage web application
Novosti Kosmonavtiki Forum -  
NASASpaceFlight.com Forum - two space-related forums
Heroes of Stalingrad - sequel to Red Orchestra
symbian.nokia.com - new home of Symbian
Petroglyph - a game developer made of former employees of Westwood
End of Nations - an MMORTS by Petroglyph
The Zod Engine - a remake of Z
SPYS.RU - proxy servers and other tools
OpenRA - recreation of classic Command & Conquer games
CnCNet - tool for playing older C&C games online, alternative to XWIS
C&C:Online - servers for Generals and newer C&C games
CNCNZ.com - a C&C fansite
XWIS - official servers for older C&C games
Renegade X - remake of C&C: Renegade
Red Alert Archive - Red Alert maps and more